Centenary Square


What are the main features of the route?


840m of twin track from Birmingham Grand Central at Stephenson Street, up Pinfold Street through Victoria Square, Paradise St, past Paradise Circus into Centenary Square at Broad St.There will be an intermediate stop outside the Town Hall in Victoria Square, and we will interface with the Navigation Street link.
The trams are intended to run on battery power throughout and therefore there is no requirement
for overhead lines or building fixings, but it is likely a charging point will be required on the section. We have already identified savings that can be made by combining delivery with the Edgbaston scheme
Our works will integrate with the Paradise Circus developments and we are working with this project to create the best environment for visitors and residents. This also benefits us, as the cost of building the Metro extension is reduced, with there no longer being a need to build a bridge over the Suffolk Street Queensway tunnels.
Following the TWA order application in December 2013 and the Public Inquiry that closed in January 2014, the Secretary of State announced his decision to make the TWA Order, on the 17th May 2016, with modifications (notice and decision letter).
Traffic Management Plans are kept up-to-date on this page with the latest information.

What are the benefits of undertaking the extension?
Benefits of undertaking this extension include:

  • Modal shift to tram, resulting in journey time savings and reduced congestion along with the associated environmental benefits, such as improved air quality and reduction in noise
  • Improving accessibility to the west of the city and paving the way for future extensions further out to the west of Birmingham
  • Reduction in accidents
  • Regeneration benefits including the interface with Enterprise zone, and the major developments
What is the outline programme for delivery?
The variation to the Transport and Works Order has been received which means that we now have the power to purchase the land we require.
We are currently going through the design handover process from the previous contractors to the Alliance, and once this has been completed then the programme can be firmed up. It is hoped to start on site early 2017.

What service is expected to run on the extension?

  • Service frequency: 6 minute at peaks, 8 minute off peak
  • Monday to Friday Service: 04:40 to 00:15; Saturday Service: 04:40 to 01:00
  • Sunday Service: 07:20 to 00:10 at 15 minute frequency


Traffic Management & Diversion Route


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