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Ground Investigation Works – Birmingham Eastside & Centenery Square

GI Works
We are undertaking works over the next few weeks around Birmingham Eastside and Centenery Square to achieve the following objectives:


• Assess the overall stability and general suitability of the sites for the proposed Metro links
• Assess the suitable positioning of the proposed works
• Evaluate the possible effects of the works to build the Metro line on the surroundings, such as neighbouring buildings and structures
• To obtain information about buried services


The ground investigation will comprise the following elements:


• Exploratory holes (Dug by a competitor rig or similar) to confirm the presence and thickness of made ground and superficial deposits, and to collect samples for subsequent laboratory testing;
• Static and dynamic plate bearing tests on made ground deposits to assess formation stiffness variation;
• Coring of the existing roads to obtain information on the condition and construction


All exploratory holes will be located within the pedestrian footway, the highway or in communal areas; therefore the site and all businesses will be open to the public throughout.